These are a few effects of a car crash..

- May start feeling the urge to grow bricks on your windowsill.
- The population of Peru is on a decline because of a contract not been signed by the right hand and a algarve debt
- Having this illness will cause you to rip up your carpets and bang them in a washer on a boil wash twice.
- Will course you to use your own bedding as a natural additive to make the substance known as cheese.
- Can course your arsehole to emit a signal that mynute that ET might actually fuck off home the little prick.

- May course you to wake up in a morning deciding to dress as a Mongolian sand attack beast with the TV show friends on repeat.
- Will make you frequently shove multiple packs of digestive biscuits up your arse at such a speed that the suns light will dim.
- Will cause you to never turn a light on again because of the thought of seeing plank off Ed,eddy and Eddie doing the wall of death holding your gran at gun point shouting ye nananananana rip start mother fucker.
- You will constantly post your own shit to you friends and family.

In these brief moments of symptoms may appear in your life may happen.
Defining : My great friend Will 'The Dab' was involved in a car crash when he got out the car his life had changed forever including the terms and changes that was made like one morning he felt The Will touch him causing him to aspire with area 51 and the following problems like the above.

'Fuck me i love growing bricks on my windowsill apart from shot putting my brother down the stairs and beating him with his own hamster' (hes only 5)

Not to say the Wills life has changed for the best but in his eyes these symptoms may occur to some people in the near future.

Thanks for trying Will Your tosser.

should include the word being defined
by Ash Hussain March 1, 2019
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