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The T-Town Eastside was formed in the late '70s when a groups of people got together, made sweet love, and created Eastside Fetuses. Nine months later at St Joseph's hospital and Tucson Medical Center (for the most part) Eastsiders were born. The proud parents brought these magical babies home to their large, valuable homes on the Eastside of Tucson and introduced them to Keystone Light, Wild Turkey 101, Sparks, King Cobra, and your sister. Shortly thereafter they were enrolled in Sabino High School, Sal Pointe High School, and St Gregory's High School where they changed many people's lives. After high school was complete, the Eastsiders moved on the the University of Arizona where word began to spread and people began coming from far and wide to join The Eastside. As their numbers grew, so did their potency. BC levels began rising exponentially as well as The Eastside's influence over America in general. Once the North and South Towers fell (due to a large fire) and the Ghetto house was abandoned (due to shootings) The Eastside experienced a short depression, 40s Friday was often split between The Bird House and the Monkey Cage, it was a dark time. Then, in the mid 2000's various resources were pooled, Lloyd came back from Flagstaff, and an entirely new addition to the Empire of the Eastside was built (Located in East Tucson) bringing more Eastsiders together more of the time. Currently many Eastsiders still reside in East Tucson upholding the values and accomplishing the goals of The Eastside. If you think you'd like to meet the Eastside then, every Friday and Saturday night, listen for the cry “To The Eastside!”
So, we were talkin to these swimsuit models when next thing I know these T-Town Eastsiders show up and, like, bang all our chicks!!
by Joint Chief Eastside Industries September 08, 2006
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