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A beautiful, intelligent, young woman who despite all hardships manages to keep her head up. She is loved by the many friends she has, including her boyfriend.
(Insert pretty girl's name here) made top of your class? That's so T'Angela.
by Lanier Crump April 18, 2013
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Someone who has lost almost all functional cognitive resources, usually as a result of over-indulging in alcohol consumption.
"Did you see how intoxicated Marissa got at the Halloween party? She was acting like such a tangela."
by Asquared November 03, 2006
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Tangela- The cutest ship name for Tevin and Angela! The are easily the best couple ever and love each other more than anything. They get mad at each other ever now and then but in the end they say I love you and get over it.
Girl 1: Look at that couple they are so cute

Girl 2: They look like a Tangela couple
Girl 1: A what?
Girl 2: A perfect couple, like Tevin and Angela
by Tangela4Life April 04, 2018
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