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Sydney Radsters are very similar to hipsters, the main difference is that the kids adopting this style in Sydney are doing it a decade late, so not only are they conforming by being non-conformists, they are doing it ten years after the hype of it all took place in America. These people are most commonly in the arts or entertainment scene, and have the edgiest haircuts (usually not done) do all their shopping at 'thrift' stores (vinnies) and talk in a whispy voice while smoking and being as nonchalant about everything as possible. They have mastered witty repartee and have something clever to say about everything. They love things like Melbourne and Modular and being obsessed with underweight models and unhealthy lifestyles, Hate things like suits, regular lifestyles and anyone else who has a popular item featured on all the latest blogs...
One Sydney Radster out front of oxford art factory

"we should've gone to melbs for the weekend yo"
by sydneyhatesrad May 12, 2010
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