The act of destroying lame merchandise marketed and sold to idiots.

Named after a tween that dared to mock other tweens by tearing up posters of a talentless tween boy named Justin Bieber, on youtube. Perhaps not a smart move, but funny.

A twihad ensued, started by hormonal unbalanced tween wanna-be video sluts with too much time on their hands and no parental supervision.
Tween retard 1: OMG, like, I can't believe the Giants are losing again, what's up with the Kung Fu Panda swinging at anything pitched to him?!

Not as retarded Tween 2: Like, I dunno... I'm totally pulling a Sydney Dalton on all my Pablo Sandoval crap at home. I'm even trashing those stupid panda hats that make people look like retarded mice.
by mja2001 September 07, 2010
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Gorgeous, beautiful, special girl that is so poised and perfect, that she could be a princess. People all over the world want to know this gem that we call Sydney Dalton. She speaks not one language, but three. Portuguese, Spanish, and English. This amazing person is kind and loving. She is loved by her large family and humongous group of friends. No, she is not just smart, but she is brilliant. Her grades in school are perfect. This amazing gal has a bright future. With a voice of an angel, and unusually fantastic skills in sports such as skateboarding and surfing, this girl has it all. I'm sure you all want to know, is she single? The answer is yes, she is single. Before you all try to be her one and only, keep in mind that her heart desires one guy only. She is incredible, simply incredible. She is amazingly beautiful, strong, talented, skilled, popular, and overall fantastic! Sydney Dalton is truly an AWESOME girl!
Sydney Dalton rocks!
Sydney Dalton es fabulosa!
ela e incrivel!
by princessgertrude April 30, 2015
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