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(n): A creepy male who is between the ages’s of 14 and 38 years of age that does medieval reenactments. These subjects are often confused about their sexuality as well as the actual time period they are living in. Commonly, these individuals are believed to be stuck in and around the time of King Arthur's Battles.

*Note* Fanny packs, Long, dark, oily pony tailed hair, capes worn on days other than October 31st and more than 5 caged pets at once are all commonalties of a sword swollar’.
Friend one: “Hey …here comes Marcus….he didn’t come to the party last night because he was at a damn reenactment…I bet he takes it in the ass!”

Friend Two: “Yeah….he is such a fucking Sword Swollar' ”
by Yayemo23 April 11, 2007
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