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An elite body of close knit friends who understand the art of taking advantage of any situation that may arise throughout the course of life. A swoop team member can and will at any time: take your girl, clown you, and get smoked out all while maintaining the elusiveness that is swoop. Swoop team members live by the code "bros before hoes, unless it's a bad hoe" if you have what it takes to be a swoop team affiliate, feel free to start a chapter near you.
Damn, why swoop team come in here and take all the girls back to their house. Damn you swoopers.

Swoop team no swooping.

Swoop team came in here 8 people deep and when i looked up all 27 girls were gone.

Man, i sure do wish i was part of the swoop team. Those guys sure do know everything about everything.
by TheSwoop April 08, 2011
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selfish idiots in my neighborhood who think that they don't need to wear a mask because the rest of us do
A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
by Bethinslope May 11, 2020
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