A perfume made by Ariana Grande. It has a raspberry and cherry scent, it smells like nice candy actually. It’s pretty strong, so spray it only two times when applying. Fun fact, It’s actually Arianas favorite perfume. Personally It’s my favorite too. If you want to buy an Ariana Grande perfume but can’t decide what kind, I would recommend Sweet Like Candy. It’s a pretty pink perfume bottle with a pink pom pom. Of course, It’s pretty expensive as all perfumes, but this one’s worth it.
Elizabeth: Sweet Like Candy is the best perfume ever
Maisie: Really?
Elizabeth: Yeah, I have two I can give you one of mine!
Maisie: Thank you you are so sweet!
Maisie: *smells perfume*
Elizabeth: What do you think?
by Arianas rat February 9, 2021
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