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Traditional Sri Lankan mating ritual between man and monkey, originating from the early 17th century, as part of an adolescent ceremony to declare a Sri Lankan boy a man. This involves the male Sri Lankan chasing a monkey up a tree and eventually catching it; by this time both the boy and the monkey have developed quite a sweat, dripping from head to toe or tail, if you will in sticky bodily fluids. The child then inserts his penile shaft deep into the monkey's rectum over and over again until he ejaculates. But he has not quite become a man yet. To finish the process, he must do something extraordinary... Shortly after the boy has removed his penis, he must hold the monkey's legs and tail apart, positioning his face beneath the monkey's devastated anal cavity. The resultant sweaty-faecal-seminal fluids from the prior anal penetration then ooze onto his face - and depending on the ferocity of the sex, this cocktail may contain some monkey blood too. And that is how a boy becomes a man in Sri Lanka.
Person 1: Did you see rakulan in rugby today? Played like a real man.

Person 2: You know he's from Sri Lanka, right?

Person 3: Oh yeah... the sweatypoomar thing... right.
by DouglasMcDougal June 03, 2014
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