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When a person in a online FIFA game dribbles to the touch line, or near post as close as possible, until the keeper rushes them. Then the player performs the "sweaty" action of crossing or lead passing the ball to their team mate, who's cherry picking the open net, which leads to a "sweaty goal."
-*Team on a break away*
- Awwwww fuck these homos are about to make it sweaty
- *Player dribbles up to the keeper and chips it to his team mate leaving an open net*
- (Game Commentator) "Attempting to feed Cristiano Ronaldo!"
- (Game Commentator) "WHAT A GOALLLLLLL!!!!)
- What a bunch of sweaty fucks! It takes no skill to make those sweaty goals fuck!
by That Real Madrid Bandwagon February 22, 2014
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Scoring a sweaty goal is when 3 guys have 3 girls lined up, gagging for their piece. You spend a specified amount of time on each girl and by the time all 3 of you are on your last girl, you release the Kraken, unleash the beast, score the sweaty goal. And at the moment of this climax you scream "Goala goala goaaaalllliiiiissseeeeeeemmmooooohhhhhhh, hat-trick-hat-trick, goaaaaalllllololololol". And then pursue to leave the room sharply as all 3 girls have received a sweaty goal. You could also have variations, such as a Sweaty Brace if there is 2 guys and girls, and also just a plain Sweaty, for 1 girl and 1 guy.
Mate, last night, 3 of us had these 3 girls and all scored a sweaty goal, biblical.
by BareLulzzz September 28, 2011
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