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Someone who actually doesn't care what anyone else thinks, because they go out in public with little to no effort to look presentable, or look like anything for that matter. Their clothes are typically cheap and ill-fitting, and they wear sweatpants because they are the most comfortable thing it is legal to leave the house in.

Stereotypical nonconformists are not the literal extreme because they are still conforming to society's expectations by putting effort into going against the acceptable look. Those who wear sweatpants NOT YOGA PANTS in public are acting under no external influence whatsoever.
Asshole: You're fat and you have acne all over your face; what an ugo!
Me: I'm wearing my gym clothes on a day I'm not going to the gym; do I really look like I care? Your words are wasted on a sweatpants nonconformist like myself.
by depressedannie September 17, 2014
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