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Attempting and mixing wildly different and questionable practices in an attempt to cure your ailment. There is often no evidence that any of the cures work, and it may just be a family treatment, "something granny told me would work", witchcraft, or just straight up voodoo.
1: "How is your hangover?"

2:"Pretty good, I did some swamp healing."

1:"What are you talking about?"

2:"Well, I drank some leek juice with my ears plugged, sacrificed a possum, and prayed to Mary Magdalene and Baron Samedi. Oh, and I trepanned myself."

1: "Jesus! Did it work?"

2: "Not really, but the trepanning hurt so much I can't really focus on the hangover. At least I let those demons out!"
by Slokums June 03, 2010
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