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A suspicious camel describes a person that misunderstands their friends and as a result does not trust them.

This distrust is usually based on opinions/ulterior motives they have which they let influence their decision-making.

Therefore they interpret many comments in strange ways unanticipated by others, and try to use their unusual insight to steer conversations onto other subjects or to discover new information they believe exists.

Ingesting raw camel liver can give humans bubonic plague. So taking anything a suspicious camel says without further suspicion can result in death.
Friend 1: I'm seeing you-know-who soon! Yay!
Friend 2: (suspiciously) Er, is this somebody you don't want me to know about?
Friend 1: No...I meant I is like going to a gig...Yeah?
Friend 2: Oh yeah. With somebody you don't want me to know about?
Friend 1: Seriously, quit being such a suspicious camel!

(Friends are discussing a secret birthday party for Amy)
Friend: Shush, Amy's coming!
Amy: (on entering) What were you talking about? Why did you stop talking when I walked in? Oh! You're talking about my new haircut aren't you? Fine then, gossip about how UGLY I look why don't you...
Friend: That's just being a suspicious camel, Amy. You know your hair is so beautifully beautiful yet you still want me to say it?
by Zombiecookies October 04, 2010
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