1. An act of extreme stupidity by the U.S. Supreme Court.

2. An attempt to undermine democracy or destroy human rights through judicial fiat.

3. What happens when a bunch of clueless lawyers pretend to be God.

Notable examples include:

-- The recent (2010) decision to allow unlimited corporate and interest group contributions to U.S. political campaigns.

-- The Buck vs. Bell ruling that permitted forced sterilization of the mentall ill. Justice Holmes said at the time: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

-- The Dred Scott case that invalidated restrictions on slavery, while mandating that all African-Americans be treated as "property" in the eyes of the law.

-- Plessy v. Ferguson, which formally legalized segregation, Jim Crow laws and minority disenfranchisement throughout the nation.
The highest court in the land committed another act of Supreme Stupidity in January 2010 when it opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate cash in the election process. Can you say "plutocracy?" Sure you can!
by Peter Kobs February 18, 2010