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This noun is believed to be derived from legend. None know it's true origin, however it is used in a variety of ways. It is also fabled to have once been a lost or omitted mythical creature.

1. A random phrase, typically used to disregard someone when you don't feel like answering.
2. A substitute for a swear word.
3. Used for randomly blurting out in a specifically funny or unexpected situation or time in conversation. A good tool for breaking the ice and/or making yourself look like an idiot.
1. Joe : " hey Bill, did you see that-"
Bill : " SUPER ZELFROG!" (then walks away)

2. (stubs toe)"SUPER ZELFROG!!!! That hurt!"

3.(Awkward elevator talk)
Joe :So, did you see the game yesterday?
Bill :yeah.
Joe :cool.
Bill :hey, guess what?
Joe :what?
by SCAM918 July 25, 2010
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