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Type of girl that attaches to you just like super glue attaches to your skin, this type of girl will not leave you alone a second, she will call, email, sms, mms, fax etc with intervals of 5.2 seconds. She asks “Where are you?”, “What you doing?” (Even if she knows that that is your Dump Time) They want to meet all your friends. They want constantly to “do things together”. You can tell by their impression that they die to take a glimpse at your phone, and they ready to sell their soul to have your email password. You can feel their eyes looking at you on the way to restroom. You have impression that you are always observed, and you start believing that the whole world is a conspiracy.
Removing Super Glue Girls.
Unfortunately the traditional super glue remover will not work on this case; you have to leave some of your skin and more to get rid of them. Thanks to them the whole removing thing is a very painful process.
Ex. 1. (January) Friend 1: I’ve been trying to call you all day, but your phone been off!?
Friend 2: Oh my bad, my phone been dead all day, my super glue girl dried the juice out of the batteries, again!
Friend 1: Oh sorry dude! What the hell she wanted?
Friend 2: Oh she was just wondering were we going to spend the New Year’s Eve!
Ex. 2. Wife: Why that bitch keeps on calling you? I am getting tired of her shit!!! I thought between y’all was over!
Husband: Dear, I swear to God it’s been over since High School. Oh baby, I forgot to tell you, she is one of them super glue girls.
by Jules Korku January 31, 2009
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