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A super duper magic hat is where you place you penis in a woman’s vagina then while you are having sexual intercourse you put you’re hands in there stretching the vagina, you then proceed to stretch the vagina with things like, melons, shoes, bowling balls, bricks, printers and so forth, the next step is to grease u a dwarf not a midget a dwarf then place him in side this will act as a base, then you place you’re head in side and stand up wear the woman like a hat, finally you prompt the dwarf to do the YMCA dance, this will make the woman orgasm all down you’re face Wow why is Allah’s head so wet.
Osama Bin Laden: I herd he is giving out free super duper magic hats.
Saddam: sweet I want one
Osama Bin Laden: Really
A: Wow why is C's head so wet
B: I herd he is giving out free super duper magic hat

A: sweet I want one
by Billy bob goat June 13, 2009
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