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A Soror or Frater in a Greek-lettered organization who had no identity before joining, and has now made being a member their entire existence.

This can amount to the person not graduating from college to stay a part of the undergraduate chapter. Their online profiles will revolve around Greek life, including secret calls, underground names, colors and chapter numbers.

Be aware: Many Super Greeks will continue to come to campus and underground events maintaining their stance within the chapter, because it's all they have, and all they will ever be.

They are usually the ones initiating the parties with the 18-22 age group, and have no or an unhappy home life.
Greek I: Who is that old guy?

Greek II: Oh, that's just Big Brother Wear 'Em Down. He's like, 38 and claims he's just keeping things kosher. He drove us down here. You know, he never graduated...he's a Super Greek

**meanwhile, Big Brother Wear Em Down is seen dancing with a 19 year old bent over with a double shot in his hand**
by PinknPretty February 08, 2012
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