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Reportedly more rare than a super cougar. This specimen is a very hot 50+ huntress.When not in the den,she can be found hunting for the ultra rare virgin cougee.

***CAUTION*** beware the super golden cougar has a seventh sense -- they can detect when they are being decived by a cougee or potential prey.

In last months issue of National Cougar magazine they featured an article in which a young man describes the after math of an encounter with the rare super golden cougar.He remembers waking up in the E.R of a large hospital to learn that a particular.... part of his body was missing. The investigators described the scence of the attack as the " worst they had ever scene". The only further info they would provide the magazine was that the word "LIAR" was painted in blood through out his apartment.
The rare super golden cougar is a master in detecting deception.
by SRSGC March 31, 2007
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