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-This term "supa fiki" is usually administered after the failure of the fiki. In the case of a hookup and you're denied in the fiki maneuver, you simply grab the girls hair...yank her head down and skull fuck that girl.
-Usually this maneuver is not appreciated by the girl so make sure you only use it once or twice
-This kid was too horny so when he couldn't get the girl to go down he supa feaked the shit out of her

-Instead of beating his meat for the 6th night in a row, Billy Bob decided to go get a girl and get some dome the supa fiki way

-Girl's Friend- "Oh hey how'd ur night with Billy Bob go?"
Girl - "It was going well until he ripped out half my hair trying to supa fiki me!"
-Girl's Friend - "Ya that'll happen when he gets drunk and horny"
by Xavier Zalanangas September 16, 2006
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