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Practice originally from Sunderland, differing slightly from the Liverpudlian Leapfrog. Commonly used as a competition to settle arguments but can be done for fun.

One Male and One Female each take equal amounts of laxative. The male proceeds to have sex with the female who maintains a leapfrog type position. After the male has reached orgasm as he is about to defecate he leaps over the female spraying her with his chocolaty insides attempting to conver large amounts of her body. This constitutes a victory for the male

The female can achieve victory if she defecates on the man before he reaches orgasm or if the man shits before finishing sex (see Hamburg Oil Spill)

The man can claim a draw if just before the woman defecates he 'plugs' her anus with his manhood
Overs: My dad is better at rimming than your dad

Overs Mum: No way, my dad is far better at rimming

Overs: Lets settle this with a Sunderland Leapfrog

Overs Mum: But you come so quickly, ill never win

Overs: Let your shit covered face be the lesson, my dad is rimming king

Overs Mum: on the plus side your ass product is rather tasty
by Reverend Pope May 28, 2010
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