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If you are a young artist who actually wants to become an artist when you are older.(instead of just watch ing Vh1 and wishing you were)You will go to this camp. Mostly you are either jewish or Dylexic if you go there. It consists of many different forms of the arts including acting,voice,dance('bout 80%), and the much loved techies. trying to describe this place is impossible. but there are many traditions(most in sleepover)and if you aren't serious, you will NOT want to come back. The friends are strong, dreams big, laughs louder and most of all we have one rule and it is boss "R-E-S-P-E-C-T". most of the population is dancers who are freaky skinny and don't really know it. and if you are boy crazy good-luckk there is about 10 at first camp(don't get me started on secound). I love that place and everyone who goes there does too.
"what are you doing over the summer?"
"Summer Stock"
"You'll never understand"
first day of school
"how was 'summer stock'"
*smiles/laughs/crys 'cus it's over or..."You'll still never understand"
by YPSS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!! July 18, 2008
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