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The most perfect, sweet, funny, amazing, and gorgeous girl you could ever meet. She reminds me of a summer vacation; filled with fun, is hot, and especially the best thing ever! Once you meet her, you fall in love instantaneously! You cant get her off your mind and shes the only thing in life any guy could ever ask for. Everything about her is perfect, cute, adorable, and did i mention how perfect she is? The best part of Summer is she relates to me in every way and she understands me. Her smile shines brighter than 9999999999999 suns. Her love is a song and I'm here to sing it. :) Summer Muse is like Summer Music; ready to party, and tons of fun and great to have! :) Youll love her with everything you have, and any guy is the luckiest in the world to have her! Shes my everything and shes my Summer and my sun, i couldnt live without her! <3
My summer is perfect! That means my Summer Muse is perfect and my summer break is perfect because of Summer Muse. :)
by b.delgado10 January 16, 2013
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