A place for people to share seductive music.

Because there's nothing as sexy as sharing gorgeous music with someone, knowing every phrase, feeling that sweet sultry rhythm, knowing where they breathe...

You get the picture.
*sings some sensual songs*

"Oooooo, where'd you learn those sultry songs?" *melts*
by Çãⓥålяȳ September 18, 2013
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Sultry Songs


1. characterized by or arousing passionate singing or sound:

"With sultry voices they sing.."

2. A place of music known for its amorous singers and sensational talent. Where the love of music is shared, encouraged, enjoyed, and respected. Sultry Songs...

"Where are you headed?"

"I'm gonna go jam in Sultry Songs."

"Rock on!"
"A passionate musician plays sultry songs."

"The house of music carries wistful voices in Sultry Songs."
by Cavalry~Smoke March 29, 2013
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