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A medium-sized or thin blunt consisting of both Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) and Salvia Divinorum (Magic Mint, Sally). The first 75% of the blunt smoked is Marijuana, while the last quarter smoked contains pure Salvia (preferably extract). Both ingredients are NOT mixed together for the purpose of getting very stoned to prepare for a much more massive, potent, enhanced, and long-lasting Salvia trip. It is called the Suicide Blunt because it is usually smoked by one person, whom usually after the trip is overwhelmed by the mind-blowing experience.

Synonyms: Suie
Dude, will you watch me 'cause I wanna smoke this suie.
Yo, that shit's crazy, you sure?
Yeah man, I hear it's wicked.
Aright, I'll be the SS

You like that roll job?
Yeah dude, nice - it's a masterpiece! Let's smoke it.
One of us should be sober, it's a suicide blunt, man.
Aw shit! I'll smoke the first half with you if you want.
Nah, I wanna trip balls.
by N8Duff July 06, 2008
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