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A "Sugar Badger" describes a handsome male that is extremely athletic and powerful for his size, but who is also disarmingly intelligent and witty. The Sugar Badger's intelligence is not always readily apparent because his visage it that of a hot, sexy, sweaty jock.

The badger is notorious for being tenacious and fearless, but, what few people know is that ordinary badgers become very tender and sweet Sugar Badgers if charmed and treated correctly. They are also very modest and humble and often don't know how special they are.

Women however, should be particularly careful when trying to lure the attentions of a Sugar Badger because the Sugar Badger releases pheromones which are highly addictive to the opposite sex.

Most women cannot resist falling helplessly in love with a Sugar Badger. Unfortunately, few women have the skill necessary to capture the heart of such a creature.

If a Sugar Badger falls in love with a girl, she is the luckiest in the world.
Nathan is such a Sugar Badger. You think he is just a hot athletic guy and then next thing you know-- you realize he is smart and funny and you can't help but ask him to come back to your place.
by Kumalisa April 12, 2011
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