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1) When attending a banquet (or buffet for the less fortunate) and stuffing your face full of good food to the point where your belly is just comfortable, you may express that you are sufficiently siphonsiphide.

2) When life is so great to the point where you are "happy as Larry" or "happy as a hot hog in a cold puddle of mud" or you are content to the point of being sufficiently siphonsiphide.
When eating a pizza at a posh pizza place surronded by many good friends, (and probably a couple of wankers too) just before putting the last piece of pizza in your mouth you say, "ahhh... I am suffiently siphonsiphide"

After having the best sex in your life and orgasming hard enough to blow your balls through the eye of your old boy (thus simulating birth), just before rolling over for a well deserved sleep the last thought that runs through your head is "ahh... I am sufficiently siphonsiphide!"
by Wickiwi March 03, 2009
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