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Suddenly More Asian

- adjective
(1) Describes individuals who act in a more East Asian manner around other people of their culture who are hot shit in their homeland. For women, this includes being more submissive around alpha Asian males and for Asian males means claiming your right to submissive Asian women. This includes Chinese, Philippians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Laotians, Cambodians, and Japanese.

(2) Any person of East Asian decent who shows exuberance to their homeland at the drop of a hat.
(1) Ms. Chung was Suddenly More Asian when talking to her Chinese counterpart about a deal to manufacture her shoe insoles.
(2) Joyce is Suddenly More Asian every time she does coke off her Dousche Nozzle white boy fuck buddy. She goes into a dumpling creating frenzy to impress the Asian man that isn't there.
(3) Saule was faux-Suddenly More Asian around her Chinese study partner and "friend", Wei. Funny Kazakh, only East Asians are truly capable of being Suddenly More Asian and friends with Chinese!
(4) Xuwen was Suddenly More Asian when his parents were in town to win favor over his parents and Wei, his Chinese study partner and supposed girlfriend.
by UMDCollegeParkHellYeah July 01, 2010
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