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A stereotype of a Vietnamese individual who live by the stereotype of selling drugs(Marijuana,Ketamine, Etc) , wearing clothing such as Ed Hardy, Para Jumper,True Religion Jeans and listening to music such as house and trance.(Note: Not all Sucka Nam's sell drugs) And Sniffing lines of Ketamine with rolled up money. This word originated from the song Sucka Nigga by A Tribe Called Quest the word nigga was removed and the word Nam(short form for Vietnamese) was placed in its place. This word is generally used to point out a Vietnamese or Asian person living by the stereotype.
A Sucka Nam is a Person of Vietnamese decent that sells drugs who also likes to buy expensive clothing such as Louis Vuitton, True Religion Jeans and Etc. Also like to listen to house and trance music. Drive cars around. And go to clubs and sniff lines of Ketamine.
by FarmsySnow December 28, 2010
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