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Anyone who stands up to a Subzilla and succeeds at butt blocking her. Can be a male or female. Can be the target of the Subzilla or a bystander watching the whole thing.
Example #1

Subzilla: Move your bag to your lap so I can sit down.
Subzillla Slayer: My bag is 4 inches wide. Even if I moved it, you wouldn't fit.
Subzilla: Bitch, I said move your bag!
Subzilla Slayer: BITCH, this bag isn't moving until someone else leaves and opens up more room to accommodate your huge ass. If you don't like it then leave and wait for the next train!
*Subzilla leaves huffing and puffing*

Example #2
Subzilla to her Skinny Victim: Move over so I can sit down.
Subzilla Skinny Victim: There is no room to move.
Subzilla: Bitch, I am going to sit down, I don't care if it's on your lap!
Subzilla Slayer bystander: Bitch, you heard what she said. There is no room! Back your huge ass off and wait for someone to leave.
Subzilla: I wasn't talking to you.
Subzilla Slayer bystander: Well, I am talking to you! What, did you fail geometry? Your ass don't fit!!
*Subzilla leaves huffing and puffing.*
by nycdweller December 01, 2013
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