A kid with parents who are middle class. Contrary to popular belief, most do not attend a private school. Depending on the town they don't always go to predominantly white schools either, although some do. They aren't poor but they aren't rich. Most know the meaning of a dollar, but some don't. Just like everything in this world, they are not just one thing. They all can't be generalized as pretentious people who expect everything on a silver platter. Just because they had a good up-bringing and lived in a nice neighborhood doesn't mean they are what you think they are.
by SSwiss420 December 5, 2011
Suburban kids are kids who have rich parents that are raking in at least 400 thousand dollars a year, and they go to either their preppy suburban white schools, or they're in private schools. They're all basically the same: the girls are super girly, and the guys are preppy. They listen to music such as Paramore, Green Day, and Katy Perry. They are all under the impression that their lives are terrible, and they hate their parents. They have cell phones that their parents pay for, and typically don't get their first job until they're eighteen or nineteen. Suburban kids expect their parents to just give them money for no reason. And their parents usually do so. Suburban kids are also typically Christian or Catholic and never learn to think for themselves. The suburban girls play soccer or volleyball and the suburban boys play baseball or soccer.
I hate suburban kids. They suck and know nothing about the world, nor do they care.
by the Joking Quace of Sparts January 24, 2011
A person from the suburbs that claims they are from the major city they live close to.

A person born and raised in the suburbs of a major city.
I'm not really from Chicago. I'm a Suburban Kid!
by Suburban Kid August 18, 2022