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An extreme anime nut (see otaku) who refuses to watch any anime cartoon with anything other than the original Japanese voice acting. Anything English on their screen other than subtitles will immediately induce a screaming, whining fit. Claims that even an excellent English dub somehow ruins the original "integrity" or "beauty" of the series. May have some substance to their argument, as anime is often "dumbed down" or censored for North American audiences, but any decent points are drowned out by their yelling about subtitles, as if they were Satan himself and were violently raping their mother in front of them at the time.

Often may make an attempt to learn Japanese so they can do away with subtitles altogether. May also attend an anime convention, cosplay, or enjoy reading MegaTokyo. Extremely vocal nutcase which should generally be avoided at all costs.
"Hey, Cowboy Bebop is on Cartoon Network."
"Get out of my house, subtitle zealot!"
by RealGTX April 01, 2005
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