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The second coming of the epic band Sublime (after lead singer/epic dude Bradley Nowell died of a Heroin od) with the new lead singer Rome. Rome is aight, he's no Brad, but he's stepping up to some pretty fucking big shoes to fill and he's holding his own.
Guy 1: Sublime with Rome is in Toronto next month, wanna go?
Guy 2: Yes I would love to go, although Rome is not as good as Brad, how much are the tickets?
Guy 1: The tickets are $50
Guy 2: Woah, thats a lot to ask for seeing as how he might be shit live. Ill still go cause Sublime is the best fucking band ever
by IGotThe89Vision September 20, 2010
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An futile attempt to relive with past greatness of Sublime. The former drummer and bassist for Sublime team up with fat piece of crap Rome Ramirez to try to squeeze some cash out of the remaining fan-base.

Rome you will never be half of what Brad was!
A: Dude it said Sublime is playing here soon, what the hell?
B: Nah, it's Sublime with Rome. Let's just spin 40oz and smoke a bowl instead...
by silviocruz July 26, 2010
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