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The state of believing you are superior to everyone else, yet your actions and sub-conscious way of life shouts exactly the opposite.

Denoting the condition of a person who does not capitalize the word 'i' in an important letter.
Bum (at employment agency): Hey, any work taday? I got no money and I just got kick out on the street.

Lady (at front desk): oh perfect! we need someone to mop the floors at the school for the mayor's surprise visit tommorow. Its $3000 cash and you get paid when
you've finished

Bum: Three?! thats bad luck! and F^CK YOU!, Im not a damn janitor.
(a clear case of Subferiority complex)


2) Good day International Community, i am the proud Governor of Izikstan
by alex53135 February 18, 2009
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