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A crappy Jap car that could be good, if you decide to do an engine swap with an STI. But until that happens, this vehicle is usually associated with tons of rice loaded onto the car included but not limited to: fake gold "hand-painted" rims, overly large spoilers, body kits, "sound-systems" that are stock and have a cheap subwoofer and cheap amp. Also they may contain so-called "performance parts" like K&N air intakes, or filters, or NEW SPARK PLUGS! But none of these really do anything perfomance-wise on the car.
Random Dude 1: Hey Aaron check out Steve's amazing Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS!

Random Dude 2 (Aaron): Yea its awesome cuz it has a pink emblem on it!
by J-ooooo March 28, 2008
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