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Also known as the "Summer Vacation" S.S.S. is commonly found in young students whom normally perform well beyond a 4.0 GPA avg are intellectually degraded from an awesome summer. The beginning of the school year is when the syndrome is truly spread out, but there have been confirmations that "Spring Break" is another vulnerable time to catch S.S.S.

Commonly students are diagnosed with the following:
1) Inability to write properly
2) Disorganized lifestyle
3) Crying/Whining about learning
4) In-Coherency
5) Coming late to class
Anton: Hey Frank! What a crazy ass summer break we had huh? Too bad school starts tomorrow :(

Frank: Yeah I know right? I'll never forget summer 2010. We should go back to Lori's house soon. Do you remember the address 'cause I forgot my True Religion jeans there. :P

Anton: OK OK I'll write it down for ya. I'll have to find my pen it's somewhere in a cluttered pile of crap inside my bag.
(Anton tries to write the address, but he seems to be writing scribbles.)

Frank: Whoa wtf? You're writing's so messy man, is there something wrong with you or what? I say stop wackin off. lulz

Anton: What? Say that again?! Ms. Jansen already yelled at me twice this morning for coming in late then she yelled at me even louder for not paying attention at some instructions for our yearbook project.

Frank: Ohhh...jeezzz. You are messed up today. You think you have....
(Principal walks in with an eye popping out staring at Anton and Frank in a seemingly awkward manner)

by Pat_MeGron September 07, 2010
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