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A Flash-Bang is a device used by law enforcement or military personnel to stun people without causing serious injury. Not unlike a firecracker there is no metal or shrapnel that disperses upon explosion. There is simply a loud bang and a large flash of light which disorients any persons within a certain radius. This allows the person(s) utilizing the flash-bang to enter, escape, or take control a situation.

A "STUPID FLASH BANG" is a technique used by person(s) who are being investigated or questioned. Said person(s) repeatedly answer any questions asked of them with nonsensical or meaningless answers. Or in some cases the same answers continuously. The goal being to ultimately cause the accuser or investigator to give up the questioning. And therefore end the investigation, allowing the accused to escape while the investigator tries to fathom how someone could be so stupid or, tries to make sense of the answers which cannot be made sense of at any point.
Question: What are you doing here? Answer: I don't know. Q: Well then why are you in here? A: I don't know. Q: But you know you don't belong here, and yet you are in here, so I ask again, what is your purpose for being in here? A: I don't know. Q: Did you walk in here? A: Yes. Q: Did someone call you in here, or tell you to come in here? A: No. Q: Are you aware that no one is allowed in here? A: Yes. Q: Then once again I ask, why are you in here? A: I don't know. End Result: Out of total frustration: Just get out. Picks up phone calls doctor: Doc, I've just been hit with a Stupid Flash Bang. Dr.: Lie down, and have no contact with that person for at least 24 hours. Contact could cause irreparable harm to your brain.
by Man of Justice January 22, 2014
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