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The act of defecating as a performance or art. A highly valued skill, it is necessary to be able to shit on demand, producing interesting shapes, large quantities or to fire huge distances

Famous examples include Walther Beaverwich the trapeez artist who could perform amazing somersaults while firing shit all over the audience

For further examples see Albanian Roulette Albanian Sausage Factory} Hamburg Oil Spill ALbanian baby Shower Haggis Surprise Bulgarian Carpet Bomb and Glaswegian Zeppelin Crash
Guy 1: Dude this gathering is so lame, bail?

Guy 2: Dont fret chum, I am an ace in the art of stunt shitting, and right now i'm cooking up a huge liquid steamer to fire

Guy 1: Man alive this is gonna be awesome, maybe ill even get caught in the spary!!
by Reverend Pope May 21, 2009
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