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v. and n.

When using the tool, Stumbleupon on a slow work day and you have 'Stumbled' so many times that:

1. You are actually sick of the internet;

2. All the pages are beginning to look familiar;

3. You're clicking next out of habit and aren't even looking at the computer screen any more.
Roopy: Lola, you look tired and depressed.

Lola: I had a slow day at work today, so I used Stumbleupon for 6 hours straight and I might murder something if I see another Cyanide and Happiness comic strip.

Roopy: Ouch, looks like you've hit Stumbleupon Saturation Point (SSP). Go read a book for a few days, you'll feel better.
by BahumBugg April 04, 2011
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