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Noun - A person who, after masturbation gets old, "practices" guitar, all day.

- A person who never pays anyone back, even though he gives his word he will. Later on you might find out that this creatures word is as crooked as its fingers.

- This ego might seem to be all this creature has. Except maybe the dimebag in his pocket.

- Do not talk about a female of any sort around this creature, it will get very angry and bark "BUHH" at you. Will not stop until it's message is clear- It's pissed and wants to hear nothing more. Example of the use of mating call/cry of anger: "BUH, there he is!"

-Never question this creature, you will be sorry. It will pound it's "reason" into your head until you end up going crazy.

Person A.) Buh, shut up. No one cares. Buh!

Person B.) But man I....
Person A.) Buh, sdfiwefvdfvdfuck!(???)
Person B.)......
(conversation ends)

WARNING: never let this thing in your car, it might break the shit out of whatever is in the car, or throw tea and stain the interior of your car.
-Haha, you gotta hear this, I saw this Stuffs McCrackin, creepy looking thing, running across the road the other day. It was crying out a lot so my friends and I ran it over, put it out of its misery.
by Flip the Billy February 06, 2011
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