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Studge Club:

A gay strip club where the strippers and clients are male and the clients can purchase fudge packing services from the male dancers usually in the VIP room but sometimes in the parking lot or bathroom.

Studge Club - combination and play on words.

Strip Club - Where people dance and take off their clothes for money.
Stud - A younger sexually attractive and active male.
Fudge (Packing Fudge) - Slang - Inserting a penis into an anus or having it done to you.
Guy1: Hey want to hit that new strip club tonight?

Guy2: You mean the studge club?

Guy1: Ya, I hear there's a lot of new guys there.

Guy2: I'm good, have fun.

Guy1: Come on, it'll be fun. There's a lot of fudge packing in the VIP room.

Guy2: That's just sick bro
by esslingen April 10, 2012
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