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A group of exceptionally good looking university students who lend their exemplary smarts to teaching an entire course in a short session to those who need or want help, donating all proceeds to sustainable development in South America. These examples of physical perfection give hours of their time slaving on powerpoint to instill a semester's learning into a single session, there only reward being the incredibly low scores they receive for all their hard work.
Jim: Have you studied for the econ final tomorrow?
Jack: Nope, but I went to the SOS session, those stunningly attractive tutors taught me all I needed to know
Jim: Students Offering Support? That's far too legit to quit, how did you reward them for their time donated?
Jack: I gave the tutors the lowest possible score and wrote jibberish in the comments section
Jim: Wow, you're a dick!
Jack: Yup!
by PissedOffTutor February 21, 2012
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