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1.a new term that is used to describe money that is subject to change depending on the economy
2. a slang term used to refer to money (US Dollars or whatever the currency may be) that is owed during times of "economic struggle". when converting official currency into struggle money take note that struggle money has a lower price than that of the actual price the object or idea is currently worth. the term is most popularly used after your paycheck has been cashed and most of it goes to other things than what you would like resulting in the left over money being "struggle money". See struggle and the struggle to learn further use
bill: "hey tom you owe me $5.50 for them favors"
tom: "aw jeez all i got left from my pay is a buck 50 in struggle money"

5.00 US Dollars is equal to $1.50-$2.35 in SM, price increases and drops can range from 1 cent to 20 dollars
by Alexcinder May 16, 2013
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