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A personal inventory of items either visual or physical that a man regularly uses to bring himself to sexual climax. Often in the absence of a GF.
A man's dedication to increasing his stroke material is unparrallel. Even at the brink of death a man's thoughts about increasing his collection and how it may benefit his manhood is ... "uncanny".
Hot wannabe paramedic: Ohh God! T-t-theres so much blood! i'm jus. i'm just an intern! I-i don't know what to do, please help... someone!?!? just hang in there, an ambulance will be here soon.. okay?

Pedestrian: Jesus! that guys been blasted. Someone dial 911 dammit!!
hey.... hey.. i think he's tryin' ta say somethin...!

Guy on the brink of death with a joint in his mouth: 'Me...

Hot wannabe medic: huh? "steps in closer"

Guy on the brink of death with a joint in his mouth: G....'
now...... please.....
G..' imme.. dat picture... please.....
please... L-l-lemme use it..
st-st...stroke... m-material... "heavy breathing"
..o-one last time....

Medic: Huh? My ID Card!?



Steve: Hey its Megan FoX Nude
Matt: Holy fuck, have u seen anything more beautiful?
Steve: ima save it..
Matt: ima use it as stroke material
Steve : Just dont get any on my keyboard/monitor aight..
Matt: wo0t?
by cL4yMore August 28, 2008
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