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When you go alone to a strip club with way to much money and a stripper talks you into going to the VIP room. One hour later you are out 800 bucks and only got three lap dances! You got stripper mugged!
Ted was on a business trip by himself and had to spend the night at a motel. He decided to go to a strip club and have a few drinks to unwind. Thirty minutes and two beers later he was enamored by a stripper and started up a conversation. Next thing he knows, he is walking out of the club broke and pissed off because the bitch talked him into the VIP where she proceeded to milk only his wallet. Ted realized that if he would have had a wing man he would not have been so dumb. Always go to the club with your boys or you may get stripper mugged.
by golite January 16, 2009
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