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A girl who follows her stripey shirted douche boyfriend around like a puppy, trying to conform to the "norm." Usually she is conformity-retarded, with overdone hair, and overdone makeup. She has dyed hair, more often than not, it is done up. She spends a lot of money on her wardrobe in order to "fit in." Her friends look just like her. She is not "last season." Her looks and attitude are irritating to regular people. Most defintely would carry a purse. Owns and carries at least four kinds of chapstick.
Wow look at that girl, she looks just like her friends. Her hair is up, her makeup perfect, her clothes are in-season, she is a total stripey shirted douches' girlfriend.

Don't be a stripey shirted douches' girlfriend. You don't have to dress just like your stupid irritating friends.

Wow you have a lot of chapstick and lip gloss.. are you dating a stripey shirted douche?
by PuceEmu July 27, 2008
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