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What a creeper wears to a strip club/gentleman's club/titty bar. Which consists of a long sleeve Tee or thermal shirt, sneakers or Tim's(work boots) and the most important article of the attire... The swishy pants(running pants made of wind breaker material) these pants are worn so that when he goes of a lap dance or couch dance he feel everything against his erect penis, and even cum in his pants and it won't leak through so his dancer of choice is none the wiser of his climatic explosion. The beginner or inexeperienced patron will have on actual sweat pants, he will quickly realize his mistake when he sees a nice wet spot in the groin region.
His creeper ass went to the 'titty bar' wearing his "strip club tux", pre-stocked with $1 bills to get his rocks off.
by Rlee4123 January 07, 2013
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