Social stressors is collectively represent all those factors which can present in the society and have positive or negative impact on stress levels. For example culture, religion, education, economy, family and environmental factors. However each of them can be defined individually and as a whole under the heading of Social stressors. Social stressors has a very important role in defining and stress management.
We all live in a society and interlinked with each others through different means, i.e. family, education, religion an culture. All of them has an important role in our life. For example a person who is experiencing stress and trying to cope with through different techniques but his or her stress can never be eradicated until all the related stressors present around him are matched or minimize to stress. Family bondage, peers, love, relations, marriage, divorce as a family stressors. Education system conflicts, unclear tasks and goals and ambition. Inflation in economy, unemployment. Cultural and religious beliefs and contemporary life style are all considered as social stressors.
by Aaesa Family January 3, 2014
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