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When the woman is letting the man know that it is time to talk. Chill conversation. Hopes he sees clearly that this issue is not for the better of the both of them to drag all this IM, PC, mess into it.

If he knows what he would like to say. The best advice she can give is to just say it.
Look at what is going on in the center of our nation. How long are you going to wait to say what it really is you need to obviously say? Straight Forward With You!
I would like to see you tonight!

Me and You Mono E mono! Straight Forward With You! No more walking past like ghosts from the past that is haunting. It is what it is and we are who we are. Be @ the BA if your Game to chill out and actually speak this time.

What I would say is then, you were the LOML. But, you were not really who is now and I'm not really now who I was then. Does that make any sense to you?

Now, IDK how to even say or play that card with you.
Would you like to talk? So I'm simply being Straight Forward With You Jon!
by Fr))0MK2J May 21, 2010
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