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the bullshit formulas, procedures and reasons stoners used to explain certain phenomenon and develop theories based on said phenomenon. what causes stoners to explain why things happen with bullshit reasoning that sounds scientific. semi-related to stoner logic. The person who experienced these thoughts while high inferred them to be a type of reasoning ,generally used with pointless topics while stoned, thus it was named Stoner Science. Not everyone can use stoner science. Aperson needs the right mindset. A scientific/philosophical mindset generally. Others may work.
Actual example of Stoner Science from actual stoned person: The reason why sugary drinks helps wash away cottonmouth: Elements possibly have microbiological properties. THC is very weak microbiologically and therefore most liquids can get rid of the cottonmouth possibly caused by THC particles that collect around the inside of your mouth after smoking marijuana. Microbiologically, most liquids are stronger than THC and work like white blood cells to eradicate viruses. They go into your mouth and the erosion of the slick layer of THC that is cottonmouth is caused by the microorganisms of the liquid killing the THC microorganisms. Sugar is microbiologically stronger than liquid because of the fact that it is made of tiny crystals. The sugar microorganisms roll across your mouth and tear through the THC killing its microorganisms. THC that didn't die will gather back together and reform the layer in your mouth, but the layer will be thinner. This is why after the first drink your cottonmouth is not as bad. Other examples incude: Why dirt covers the scent of a lot of things and why freash air brings down a high.(Typed by the person who experienced these thoughts while high. If you did not understand it you were either sober or high but you do not have the correct mindset.) stoner science(best read when stoned)
by Zerohazrd October 09, 2010
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